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Award Nominations

Each year the Vacation Renal Housekeeping Professionals honors and recognizes the managers that have exceptionally taken care of their staff, properties, and owners. These peer nominated awards recognize the hard work and vision of each manager. The forms to make your nomination are below. 

The nominations and photos must be submitted by September 27th, 2019. The submission e-mail is:

As you complete each nomination form you will need the following:
- a 500 word max letter outlining why the nominee should receive this award. The letter should include: quality of work, employee relations, interdepartmental relations, budgetary concerns, relations with unit owners.
- a digital photo

Thank you for making your nomination and see who recipients are at the International Conference. Held in New Orleans, LA October, 13 - 16, 2019.

Since 2004 the Housekeeping Executive of the Year has recognized those that have had outstanding customer service, taken exceptional care of their properties, and supported their staff. 

Past winners of this award are:
- 2018 Eddie Gray
- 2017 Amy Demoraski
- 2016 Brandy Herbstritt
- 2015 Sheryl Werdebaugh
- 2014 Michelle Barlow
- 2013 Gwen Polk
- 2012 James Skinner
- 2011 Jill Hatfield
- 2010 Michelle Richardson
- 2009 Terry Lynn Paul
- 2008 Anita McClure
To make your nomination: 2019 Executive Housekeeper of the Year 


New in 2019 VRHP will be recognizing the Maintenance Manager of the Year. This brand new award will be given away during the national conference held in New Orleans. 

To make your nomination visit: 2019 Maintenance Manager of the Year


A brand new award from VRHP for 2019 is the Laundry Manager of the Year. This award recognizes those that have managed their laundry exceptionally well.  

To make your nomination: 2019 Laundry Manager of the Year